iOS Developer

Milan, Lombardy, Italy · Software Team


As an iOS Developer, you will work with the mobile team at Empatica to create apps that run flawlessly on the iOS platform. You'll interface with Empatica’s state-of-the-art biometric wearable devices; technology at the forefront of the industry. Your work will have the potential to improve the lives of millions of people. If this should not be enough and you prefer platform wars, come and show us why iOS is your best choice. After all, it's only a matter of skills: Yours!

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Why work at Empatica

At Empatica you will have the opportunity to work in a fast paced environment where your impact will be recognizable from day one. You will face new challenges daily and you will learn, develop and grow on all levels to literally change the lives of thousands of people.


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The Ideal Candidate For Empatica:


Empatica is an affective computing company, focused on human data analytics. We develop groundbreaking wearable devices with medical quality sensing. Our technology is comprised of a set; wristband and software running on smartphone and desktop computing, plus real time syncing with a cloud computing service.

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