Product Owner

Milan, Metropolitan City of Milan, Italy


“When searching for interesting job opportunities, I want to find a job that will improve people's lives, challenge me every day, and give me meaningful relationships, so I can invest the largest part of my waking hours in a meaningful endeavor growing my skills.”

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This role requires an outstanding and empathetic communicator who is customer-centric, extremely organized and thrives on solving difficult problems in an an ever-changing or ambiguous environment. Most of all, you look forward to rolling up your sleeves each day, and inspiring others with energy and passion for our products.

You will work with medical devices in a highly regulated industry, and deal with users that are not the typical tech-savvy early adopters. To add some spice to the challenge, we are a full-stack company. All of the mechanical, electronic, software, embedded software, data science, research, logistics, and marketing is under our control. You'll need to think holistically to master complexity.

You will turn incomplete, conflicting, or ambiguous inputs into solid action plans and you'll do whatever it takes to make your product and team successful, whether that means writing a QA plan or hunting down the root cause of a user’s frustration. You'll walk in the customer's shoes while compiling and assessing user stories, but you'll also analyze sets of data and obsessively formulate crisp visions for a better, faster, and more robust product.

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Why work at Empatica

You’ll have a real opportunity to improve and save lives around the world, as part of a tight-knit team who share knowledge and are eager to keep learning and pushing to create top-notch products that have a meaningful impact. If you jump on board, we can guarantee it won't be an easy ride, but it will be one of the most rewarding experiences in your career, one that will allow you to learn a lot and test your whole skill-set on multiple projects, which are already helping thousands of people worldwide.


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