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Milan, Lombardy, Italy



We're an affective computing company focused on human data analytics, with offices in Downtown Boston, MA and Milan, Italy.

Our mission is to provide intelligent technology that is friendly, caring and more human.
We design and develop medical-quality wearable devices aimed to improve people's emotional well-being and save lives. Embrace2, our hero product, is the only wrist-worn seizure monitor cleared by the FDA, designed to help prevent SUDEP (Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy).

We believe in a work environment that fosters autonomy, mastery and purpose. We are a team of passionate people from all over the world bringing high levels of creativity to our everyday work.

Watch the recent TEDx talk delivered by our Co-Founder and Chief Scientist Rosalind Picard to learn more about the history of Empatica and what drives our commitment to great work: https://www.ted.com/talks/rosalind_picard_an_ai_smartwatch_that_detects_seizures_and_saves_lives

Empatica is always looking for exceptionally talented people.

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