Marketing Manager

Milano, Lombardia, Italy


As a Marketing Manager you will be the ambassador for Empatica's potential customers. We are looking for an exceptionally talented person because our products hugely impact people's lives. You'll have to manage every project with special care.

You will implement and optimize strategies among different marketing channels. We expect you to grow your competences in many areas. You will develop the analytical skills of a data scientist, the empathy of a community manager, the execution mindset of an operation manager, the creativity of a storyteller and the copywriting skills of an advertiser.

You will be involved in:

Why work at Empatica:
At Empatica you will have the opportunity to work in a fast paced environment where your impact will be recognizable from day one. You will face new challenges daily. Ah, did we tell you that your work may literally change the lives of many people?


The ideal candidate for Empatica:

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